PAEG-0027 Seven Wonders Of The Lotus Land

PAEG-0025 Angel's Wings

PAEG-0026 The Spirit Of The Destroyers

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  • PAEG-0028 Soundtrack Of The Fairy Tale
  • PAEG-0027 Seven Wonders Of The Lotus Land
  • PAEG-0026 The Spirit Of The Destroyers
  • PAEG-0025 Angel's Wings
  • PAEG-0024 Indigo Blue And Black Stout
  • PAEG-0023 Fair Judgement
  • PAEG-0022 Shelling And Torpedoing
  • PAEG-0021 Loudness War
  • PAEG-0020 キャラメルクランチ
  • PAEP-0005 Iron Bottom Sound
  • PAEG-0019 Sepia Recollections
  • PAEG-0018 Resonance Of The Nickel Strings
  • PAEG-0017 The Flames Of The Inferno
  • PAEP-0004 Four Resolutions
  • PAEP-0003 アコースティック・エピソード
  • PAEG-0016 Lightning Discharge
  • PAEG-0015 Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws
  • PAEP-0002 Just For My Heartache[EP]
  • PAEG-0014 From The Bottom Of The Heart
  • PAEG-0013 Over The Rainbow
  • PAEG-0012 Original Intention Plus
  • PAEG-0011 Original Intention
  • PAEG-0010 Blacker Than The Blackest Black
  • PAEG-0009 Brutal Games For Reminding Of Death
  • PAEG-0008 Crossfire Barrage
  • PAEG-0007 Frozen Frog
  • PAEG-0006 Scythe Of Hell
  • PAEG-0005 Parental Advisory Explicit Guitar
2005年以前の作品については廃盤のため掲載しておりません。また、その他ゲスト参加作品は Works に纏めています。
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